OpenEd Launches Catalog of Videos and Games


OpenEd today announced the launch of its free educational catalog created to assist teachers and parents of students in grades K-12. With a searchable database of over a quarter million standard-aligned videos and games curated by educators, OpenEd® offers the most comprehensive catalog of educational online content available today – available for free and open source.

OpenEd gives educators and parents a searchable catalog of standard-aligned online videos and games. This provides teachers with a powerful tool to refresh their lesson plans, blend media content into classroom lectures and aid students with their work in class or at home.  While OpenEd’s resources can be used from any Learning Management System, OpenEd also provides its own free LMS allowing teachers to create courses with multiple topics while leveraging OpenEd’s powerful recommendation engine to find the best relevant material available. In effect it is the first “flipped classroom LMS”, optimized for incorporating videos and games into teaching. In addition, with OpenEd teachers can quickly create a simple ‘Playlist’ of videos that can be shared with students, other teachers or other educational software.

“Our innovative recommendation engine finds the best resources for each standard, then OpenEd’s team of K-12 teacher curators validate those recommendations for 100% accuracy,” said Lisa Blum, VP of Marketing of OpenEd. “This equips parents, teachers and students with quality content they can use to aid in learning and help with the transition to Common Core, while presenting students with an invigorating online experience.”


With OpenEd anyone can search by standard or by keyword to find content to support their lesson plan. In all search options, OpenEd users have the ability to choose a grade level (K-12) to further hone in on applicable videos or games.

“There are many powerful educational videos and fun learning games available online, but in the past finding content that supports a particular lesson or standard has been difficult to impossible,” said Adam Blum, CEO of OpenEd. “We created OpenEd to provide an easy to use, free tool allowing anyone to access the wealth of content available – and it’s all open source so others can leverage our work to help educate.”

While OpenEd can be used from any third party LMS, OpenEd also allows users to build their own collections of learning videos and games and share them as a course. After signing up for a free account, users can use OpenEd’s free LMS to create courses and then invite students to join. While creating a course, OpenEd’s recommendation engine then automatically recommends relevant videos based on course topics or selected standards.

Pricing and Availability
OpenEd is available today and free for anyone, including teachers, home school instructors, parents and more. To learn more visit