Award winning Cyberbullying Movie Available Online Tomorrow

Les Ottolenghi Director of “Submit the Documentary” announced today his award winning cyberbullying and sexting film will be live online for the world to see on October 24, 2013. The goal of creating the film was to connect parents, educators, professionals, and children together to discuss what is happening in the sub-culture of social media.

Official: Submit the Documentary Trailer from SubmitTheDoc on Vimeo.

In a recent interview with Palo Alto Weekly Ottolenghi describes his approach to creating the film, “When cyberbullying is mentioned in the news it is usually because a child or teen has committed suicide. It is only when it is sensational that it warrants the headlines, while teens and children are dying every day. The Producers and I wanted to go beyond the headlines. We did not want to further sensationalize the issue. The main goal was to raise awareness and show how cyberbullying affects kids, teens, families, and how everyone else is working to stop it whether they are an expert, psychologist, law enforcement or congressman. I also wanted to make it informational for parents and grandparents, a tool for organizations and educational institutions, and a way to start a dialogue between parents and kids, or teachers and students, and most importantly to let kids know that what they do and say online affects themselves and others.”

To watch the cyberbullying documentary “SUBMIT” beginning on Thursday October 24, 2013 visit: (

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