Teaching The AvatarGeneration

The Digital Textbook Revolution

Teaching The AvatarGeneration

It’s back to school season, so this month we’ve looked at the digital textbook revolution and how to make the transition from print to digital as smooth and stress-free as possible.

One of the first known mediums for printed text originated back in the 3rd Century, where tablets made out of compressed pieces of clay were used to imprint early writing systems. Move forward to the 21st Century and books have turned full circle, with tablets again hosting the written word but this time in the form of eBook readers and iPads. One of the most significant changes to how teachers manage text resources is the change from printed book to textbooks on electronic mediums like these tablets.

At the moment, the open source textbook movement is flourishing, so our features cover how you can best use these free resources for your classroom. We also have a whole host of different sites, reports and apps to find ebooks and digital textbooks on the web.

This month we have some amazing new game-based learning technologies for math, science and civics teachers coming from the prestigious Nobel Prize Foundation, Monkey Tales Games, and Reflex Math. Not forgetting a brand new game-based learning search platform and teacher networking website Playful Learning. As always, we pick the cream of the crop of new educational technology apps and give them a thorough review so that you don’t have to. We look at the typewriting app Qwertytown, collaborative writing app Boomwriter, poster making app Phoster and the gorgeously illustrated Science magazine app Shout Science.

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