Study Shows Boundless Textbooks Are Better than Traditional eTextbooks


A recent study comparing how students use Boundless and eTextbooks by traditional publishers finds that students using Boundless spend less time studying and achieve higher test scores on follow-up memory tests than students using eTexts.

Boundless is an online educational platform that curates open-source resources to create alternatives to textbooks assigned to undergraduate students. In addition, these textbook alternatives are supplemented with study aids, including summaries of key concepts, highlighting tools, interactive flashcards, and quizzes. You can also download the Boundless app for iPhone or iPod Touch.

The study, commissioned by Boundless and completed by two cognitive neuroscience researchers, surveyed students about their study experience on either Boundless or a traditional eTexbook. The results showed that:

  • Students in the Boundless condition required less time to study material.
  • Students in the Boundless condition demonstrated superior memory retention.
  • Students in the Boundless condition found Boundless more user- friendly.

Download the full Boundless Efficacy Report here.

Source: Boundless