MIT Game Lab’s Phantomation Teaches Animation Skills

MIT Game Lab’s education game, Phantomation, won Best of Show in the 2013 International Serious Play Awards competition. The awards, announced at the 2013 Serious Play Conference at DigiPen Institute of Technology, honor exceptional examples of corporate, military, children’s education and games for good.

Phantomation is a game that sets out to teach players how to use animation tools in the animation program Play Sketch. Play Sketch is an animation tool that allows the user to create quick, simple animations. It also introduces a new animation feature called real time, which allows the user to record animations demonstratively without having to manually set keyframes.

Throughout the sixteen levels of the game, players learn different animation techniques such as key framing and real time animation in order to possess objects. In the main levels, it is entirely up to the player whether they animate with key frames or real time animation techniques based on their preferences.

Watch the research video here.

Seven other studios won gold medals:

Gold Medal winners included:

  • Play Forward: Elm City Stories, Schell Games and Digital Mill (Healthcare/Medical)
  • Cornak,  Succubus Interactive  (Business)
  • DragonBox Algebra 12, WeWantToKnow AS (Education)
  • Game Over Gopher, New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab (Education)
  • Planting the Seed, Canadian Space Agency (Education)
  • Practice Operations, Muzzy Lane Operations (Education)
  • Ratio Rumble, New Mexico State University Learning Games Lab (Education)

Silver Medal Winners:

  • Quandry, FableVision Studios (Education)
  • Thump The Ultimate Math Practice, Mathtoons Media Inc. (Education)
  • Tilt World, Nicole Lazzaro (Games for Good)
  • Tunnel Tail, BEST Foundation (Games for Good)
  • Cyber Awareness Challenge, Carney Inc and SAIC (Government/Military)
  • At Risk in Primary Care, Kognito Interactive (Healthcare/Medical)
  • Re-Mission 2, HopeLab (Healthcare/medical)

Bronze Medal Winners:

  • Special Operation Halo Jump, Inhance Digital (Government/Military)
  • Project Moonwalk, Project Whitecard Studios (Education)
  • VRUM – Aprendendo sobre o transito, ThinkBox Games (Education)

“Every year the games entered in our awards program demonstrate tremendous progress in technology, gamification and instructional value,” Sue Bohle, executive director, Serious Games Association, said. “The serious game industry is maturing, and with it, the quality of titles.”

Visit Phantomation for more information.

Source: Press Release