8 Open Educational Apps win LTI Standard Award

The LTI App Bounty international competition organised by the IMS Global Learning Consortium, an institution that works to develop technologies that improve open and online learning around the world, has awarded eight tools developed using the Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) standard, which is able to work on most of the current teaching platforms, such as Moodle, Sakai, Blackboard and Desire2learn.

The goal of the first edition of the App Bounty, launched in May 2013, was to shed light on the deep need for more integrations and interoperability in edtech, and to emphasize how many opportunities exist for easy, cross-platform integrations using LTI.

The judging team selected eight submissions as the best among the 25 submissions received in less than two months. The apps were judged based on their usability, pedagogical value, and innovative characteristics.

The winning applications are:

  • AspirEdu: analytics and retention solution that adds an administrative dashboard inside the LMS
  • Ayamel: language learning platform with robust annotation and subtitling engine
  • BigBlueButton: open source Web conferencing solution that allows one-click conferencing
  • CloudTime: auto-provisions Amazon EC2 instances and distributes them to students for programming or data mining projects
  • Code Embed: makes it easy to drop in code snippets complete with syntax highlighting
  • QuestionPress: online classroom response system that makes it easy to drop assessments into a course and write grades back to the LMS
  • StudyRoom: lets students self-organise into study groups with shared community spaces
  • Tandem: paired language learning platform that makes it easy to embed learning lessons into the LMS and let students pair up on their own for practice

“The LTI standard makes integration of educational resources exponentially easier and fuels innovation in education,” said Dr. Rob Abel, chief executive of IMS Global. “We commend Instructure and the industry-leading organisations supporting IMS for working together to grow an open and innovative education ecosystem.”

This poster gives more information about the LTI standard and how it is useful for both educators and developers:

Check out the full collection of LTI apps here.