School of Open MOOC launches 7 new free educator-focused courses


Launched in March 2013 and coordinated by Creative Commons and P2PU, the School of Open is a community of volunteers from around the world passionate about peer learning, openness, and the intersection of the two. The School is offering its second round of facilitated courses, and  total of 7 courses will be offered free of charge. Registration closes on 4 August, and classes will start on or after 5 August. The new round of free courses they are offering are:

 School of Open MOOC


  • Copyright 4 Educators (AUS) (7 weeks) – This course is open to anyone in the world, but will focus on Australian copyright law. This course will equip Australian educators with the copyright knowledge to confidently use copyright material in the classroom.
  • Copyright 4 Educators (US) (6 weeks) – This course is open to anyone in the world, but will focus on US copyright law as pertains to education.
  • Creative Commons for K-12 Educators (7 weeks) – This course will help K-12 educators find and adapt free, useful resources for their classes. It will also help them incorporate activities that teach their students digital world skills.
  • Designing Collaborative Workshops (4 weeks) – This course brings together case studies of some great collaborative workshops that have been run in the past.
  • Writing Wikipedia Articles: The Basics and Beyond (6 weeks) – Participants will learn about the software, the rules, and the cultural values that drive and support Wikipedia. It will focus on articles about openness in education.
  • Open Science: An Introduction (4 weeks) – This course is a collaborative learning environment meant to introduce the idea of Open Science to young scientists, academics, and makers of all kinds.
  • Why Open? (3 weeks) – This course will facilitate discussion on the different meanings of openness, how openness applies to different domains, as well as participants’ views of what it means to do things openly.