Round Table: The Pros and Cons of Online Learning

0 have produced an interesting project about the pros and cons of online learning. The project profiles real students who have had experiences with online education and features their discussions around the positive and not-so-positive qualities of online and offline education. You can watch the video on their blog featuring Jacki Yanamura, Jethro Van’t Hul, Jennifer Viens and Tiffany Brezak.

From the Blog:

To log in or not to log in? That’s the question for thousands of students like you, who now have options that their parents didn’t have when it comes to obtaining higher education. No longer does a student’s college debate center solely on the old question about state schools versus private education. Online schools have become legitimate sources of knowledge and career training, and students now have another major decision to make when it comes to choosing a school.

As the idea of earning your education online becomes more socially acceptable, more students are choosing to earn their education through online schools every year. It fits easily into busy schedules and can be a life-saver for nontraditional students who have concern like work and parenting. And although traditional college students—that is, students who have just finished high school and are heading to college for the first time—are also enrolling in online schools, many students have questions about the differences between online and offline schools.

Their concerns are not necessarily eased by the swarm of information, facts and figures that are offered by dozens of different online schools. It can be overwhelming to attempt to take in all of this information at once, and it’s easy to lose sight of what your number 1 concern ought to be: is online school the best choice for you?

You are the only one who can make that important decision. But you don’t have to do it alone, because Online Schools is here to help. We have gathered 5 students who have chosen different educational paths to talk about the choices they made in regards to their higher education. Of these students, 2 chose to pursue online education. Another 2 chose to walk the traditional brick-and-mortar path. And the last student decided to take advantage of the best of both worlds, and is earning a hybrid degree.

These 5 students agreed to discuss the positive and not-so-positive qualities of online and offline education in a roundtable debate with Online Schools. During this discussion, they tackle topics like homework, student-teacher interaction and general quality of education, from the honest perspective of actual students. Here, you can find out what your school won’t tell you about online education, including the benefits and the drawbacks. You don’t have to make choices about your college education blindly when you can learn from the experiences of people like you.