“At-a-glance” views of any classroom tablet with LearnPad’s ClassView

Just announced at the 2013 International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) conference in San Antonio, Texas, Educational Resources now offers the new ClassView™ module for use with their award-winning LearnPad education tablet solution. ClassView allows for instantaneous “at-a-glance” views of any tablet within a class or organization. The new features offer the ability to share a particular screen with a large group, as well as push lessons and content to a single device, groups of devices, or an entire classroom.

ClassView also offers the ability to instant message any student, extract files on devices, gather assessments and even see LearnPads in remote locations. “Our LearnPad ‘Purpose Built for Education’ solution lit up Twitter, Facebook and Reddit posts this week because of our release of the ClassView module. This kind of market-leading innovation reflects our commitment to design solutions that enhance and support schools’ instructional priorities,” said Ken Leonard, CEO of Sunburst Digital, and its Educational Resources division (ER™).

LearnPad’s ClassView module is entirely web-based. “Teachers, administrators and instructional coaches have 24/7 access from any browser,” said Chris Klein, Director of Tablet Solutions at ER, “We offer the only real-time tablet control eliminating extraneous software products like SplashTop™ or hardware-based solutions like Miracast™ or Apple TV® to interface with Interactive Whiteboards. Using LearnPads with Promethean and SMART at ISTE was an example of showing our commitment to integrate with existing classroom technologies.”

ClassView allows educators to support the delivery of rich, multimedia lessons individualized to students’ needs. Together with applications like eInstruction’s Insight 360, the full LearnPad solution and ClassView were successfully beta tested and selected for implementation at Midland Independent School District in Midland, Texas. “Our use of ClassView on our LearnPads here at Midland ISD has provided our teachers with incredible classroom management and instructional utility,” said Dennis Haynie, instructional technology supervisor at Midland ISD. “Together with using LearnPad’s professional development services and having ER align the LearnPad portal with our scope and sequence, their simple tablet solution was the right choice for our district.”

LearnPad and ClassView support Sunburst & ER’s longstanding commitment to serve schools by offering instructional technology solutions and services that integrate with existing technologies, enhance localized standards-based instruction, build teacher capacity, and promote students’ critical thinking.

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  1. Tyrone MrSmokemo Robinson 4 years ago

    So real talk, lets be honest and real, what are the real problems that any school system or district will have when implementing LearnPad into their environment? Ask me I’ll tell you the truth!!!!!!

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