WISE App Launched! Scan, Grade & Organize Multiple Choice Tests


WISECreative Instructional Designs have launched WISE (Wireless Interactive Scanning Examinations), their flagship product for teachers and educational institutions. The app allows a teacher to create, scan, grade, and organize multiple choice tests all from their iPhone without the need of analog grading machines.

The app is the brainchild of Denver, Colorado teachers and Co-Founders, Lee Wise and Dalton Ying. After a combined 12+ years of teaching, Dalton and Lee realized that they needed a better solution for scanning, grading, and aggregating test data than anything that was currently available on the market. They proceeded to partner with Denver mobile application development firm Ideas By Nature to turn the idea for “WISE” into a reality. After extensive beta testing the app launches today amidst growing anticipation since the announcement of the app’s release in May. The app is free to download in the iTunes App Store and is useable for up to 100 scans before requiring a subscription to the service.

“The WISE app is the first fully mobile phone application that can scan up to 100 question tests and never needs to be connected to a computer. Teachers can use the tests that they have to get the data they want.” said Lee Wise, WISE CEO.

The WISE team has been working on perfecting the product for the past year and a half and has created a working application that accurately scans 30, 60, and 100 question tests with over 99.9% accuracy. The App can even effectively differentiate between an answer that has been erased and the correct bubbled in answer, a notorious difficulty with analog grading machines. Once the data is scanned in, the app allows the teacher to organize all of their classes, students, test grades and dynamic reporting directly on their phone.

Most importantly, the app allows teachers to give students instant feedback. The teacher can show a student their grade immediately after they turn in their test if they so choose. From there, teachers can use the app to print out reports to see how their class is performing, as well as print out assessment reports to give back to their students. The app also allows teachers to print out the WISE bubble sheets and photocopy them on normal paper, saving the large aggregate costs of the individual scan sheets used by analog grading machines.

In addition to rolling out the app directly to interested teachers through the app store, Creative Instructional Designs has already been in numerous talks with both high school and university level educational institutions about deploying and using the app on a wider scale basis. These enterprise offerings are expected to start rolling out over the summer on a limited basis and ramping up before fall and the start of new semesters.

Download the WISE app for free from the App Store.

Source: Press Release