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We Give Books’ Free Digital Library to Fight Summer Brain Drain

We Give BooksWe Give Books have launched this year’s Read for My Summer program, an initiative that fights summer brain drain by encouraging children to read throughout the months typically associated with school vacation. We Give Books’ Read for My Summer campaign offers a free online library of books assembled especially for children up to age 10. To add to the experience, Read for My Summer will spotlight one special book each week, bringing it to life with fun and engaging activities for kids and reading tips for parents.


Research shows that each summer wipes out about a month’s worth of learning for students, and this learning loss is cumulative. However, the annual Read for My Summer campaign offers an appealing way to keep young people reading and learning during the warm-weather months. We Give Books, the digital literacy initiative from the Pearson Foundation and the Penguin Group, gives parents, schools, libraries and camps access to an ever-growing library of free digital books year-round. The children’s titles range from beloved classics like The Tales of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter to soon-to-be classics like Otis by New York Times bestselling author and artist Loren Long, which is the 2013 Jumpstart Read for the Record campaign book. At the end of the 10-week Read for My Summer campaign, students can each create a custom record of their reading achievements to share with teachers and fellow students upon returning to school.

Since the launch of We Give Books, the Pearson Foundation and Penguin have made it possible for children, parents and teachers to read more than 2 million digital books for free. To honor their participation, We Give Books has in turn donated more than 2 million printed books to its exemplary nonprofit literacy partners, reaching millions of children in libraries, classrooms and community centers throughout the United States and around the world. To learn more about these partners, including Room to Read, Books for Asia, and United Through Reading, visit http://www.wegivebooks.org/give.

The giving continues in conjunction with Read for My Summer: Through We Give Books’ partnership with Hyatt, children in communities across the United States will benefit from a donation of 10,000 hardcopy books to libraries and community centers, designed to build excitement around reading during the summer months and beyond.

“Summer learning loss is not something new, but knowing how to engage children in a fun way is a challenge that parents continue to face each year during the summer,” said Pearson Foundation President and CEO Mark Nieker. “With the help of Hyatt and libraries across the country, our goal is to spark children’s natural love for learning so that they’ll want to be a part of the Read for My Summer campaign and will look forward to reading week after week.”

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