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Special Needs Teaching Programs Now Available as iPad Apps

special needsBlooming Kids Software, which makes a broad line of teaching programs for young (kindergarten to second grade) and /or learning-disabled children, has adapted these programs as apps for iPad and Android mobile devices. The scope of the current programs include: memory enhancement drills, a variety of basic vocabulary (common objects, colors, shapes, animals, etc.) exercises, computer use training, speech-based activities, telling time, Reading calendar, learning days of the week and months of the year, and weather.

“Every kid nowadays has some kind of mobile device to carry around with her. Making these learning programs into apps for mobile devices means that kids can use them–and learn from them–any time, any place,” said a spokesman for the Blooming Kids Software Company.

Schools and therapists have been urging BloomingKids to make their PC and MAC programs into apps that can be run on iPad and Android mobile devices. This makes the programs accessible at home, at school, and anywhere else the student goes.


“We broke our programs down into smaller pieces that can work on mobile devices,” said the spokesman.

BloomingKids has made fifty apps for mobile devices so far, and plans to make more. The software company, partnered with EduAppsBuilder.com, also makes specialty teaching apps for its customers. BloomingKids says that they will happily make apps for any educational institution, parent, therapist, or school that sees the need for them.

Use the following links to get to Google Play or Apple App Store.

Link to Android apps Click Here.

Link to Apple Apps Click Here.

For more information, visit http://www.bloomingkids.com to view online demos of all programs.

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