Schoolfy Educational Social Networks

Educators worldwide are welcoming’s free educational technology platform. Schoolfy integrates private social networks with timesaving tools for teachers and school administrators.

Just one month after Schoolfy announced the summer launch of its free educational technology platform, the number of schools and teachers who have requested invitations or made custom agreements with the Internet company will lead it to exceed 100,000 users at debut. Schoolfy has been dubbed the first Integrated Social Management System for educators. The technology blends private social networks with patented time-saving apps for teachers and school administrators.

Within Schoolfy teachers can set up calendars, assign tasks and homework, assess work, share all kinds of content, organize it, and interact with students, parents and school staff in real-time. All that and much more is made intuitive. The intuitive interface is key to the ed tech firm’s goal of helping teachers save time. Another benefit is that the privacy safeguards of Schoolfy’s platform are uniquely designed for educational environments. They meet an exceptionally high security standard

Schoolfy’s CEO Oscar Civantos said that the response has been global. “I’m really pleased with the interest we’re seeing from teachers worldwide. This is a free platform made for teachers and with teachers. There are great expectations, and we’re excited to launch with innovative features and excellent customer service.”

When pressed for an official Schoolfy launch date, Civantos would only anticipate a late August or very early September 2013 debut. “Many US schools will already be in session, but we’re prioritizing the quality of our product over the rush to bring it to market.” He added that some tutorials will be released before the launch. “Teachers will see that our technology is very easy to use. It’s designed to work from day one; no high-tech training is required.”

Said Civantos, “The idea behind Schoolfy is to provide all teachers with top educational tools regardless of budget or physical location. Many teaching hours are lost to paperwork and other secondary tasks. Let’s put that time back into teaching and we’ll improve the quality of education worldwide.”

In opinion of Civantos. “Education needs to become better integrated with the 21st century. Our current model for education comes from the times of the Industrial Revolution and must take a step into the Internet Revolution. The main stars of this revolution will of course be the teachers. Schoolfy will play an important supporting role for them.” can now be viewed in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The free educational technology platform will soon be released in these and other languages.