Mathematics Simplified With Math App Whizz-On-Add

Dr. Santha Fernandez, a former university lecturer has created an app that teaches children the principle of Digital Root (DR) in a fun way. Whizz-on-add is an excellent learning-based app that will help children master the art of addition and counting in a way never seen before.

Whizz-on-add provides a fun and visual experience of learning the principle of Digital Root. The principle involves adding the individual digits of any number greater than 9 in one or more consecutive steps until it is reduced to its single digit value (1 to 9). For example, the Digital Root of 59 is 5, derived as shown here:

59 = 5+9 =14, 1+4 =5

The principle is commonly used in numerology but it is also of tremendous use to schoolchildren as it can help them improve their performance and grades in mathematics.

Dr. Fernandez the architect of Whizz-on-add, drew inspiration to develop this application after reading a newspaper article which noted that globally Australian year four school children were ranked 18th in mathematics. To her a key aspect in this discourse is to make children not fear mathematics and its learning and she believes that this can be done by embedding a sense of numeracy in everyday life, including exposure to mathematically based game apps that are fun.

Whizz-on-add is available in two versions, Lite (free) and Pro (paid) in the Google Play and App Store.

Source: Press Release