European Award for Best Online Content for Kids Launched

The European Award for Best Content for Kids highlights existing quality content for 4-12 year-old children and encourages the production of new content that will offer young people online opportunities to learn, play, discover and invent. The competition, organised by the Insafe network within the framework of the European Commission’s Safer Internet Programme, was launched on 9 May and will run in most EU member states and also in Iceland, Norway and Russia during 2013.

Any form of online content may be submitted to the Best Content for Kids competition – from websites, blogs and videos to apps and games – but it must be designed for use by children or young people. Children can enter as individuals or in groups (i.e. school classes or youth groups). Adult submissions can come from online professionals and non-professionals alike.

National and European winners will be awarded in four different categories:

  • Adult professionals
  • Adult non-professionals
  • Individual young people (up to 3 youngsters)
  • School classes/groups of young people (at least 4 youngsters)

The national first prize winner in each category will go on to compete at the European level. The top-three European resources in each of the four categories will be recognised at an awards ceremony in Brussels on Safer Internet Day in February 2014.

The closing dates of the competition depend on each country. For further information about how to take part in the European Award for Best Content for Kids, visit