EduClipper – A New Pinterest For Education Tool

EduClipper is a new online curation tool that lets students and educators ‘clip’ interesting articles and images from the web onto Pinterest type boards. Developed by Adam Bellow from eduTeacher, users can easily add content to their eduClipboards by installing a Chrome extension or adding new items through the site. Although the platform is very similar to, EduClipper hopes to find its place in the education market.

Adam Bellow talked about EduClipper to TechCrunch, read the full article.

 “There’s a ton of great content on the web that we want to share with colleagues and students,” the eduClipper founder says. “But it becomes difficult to share because our students and teachers are not all connected in the same place.” So, beyond showcasing specific contributors, the platform also enables this real-time collaborative clipboarding for group work — something that’s increasingly becoming the norm in today’s classrooms.

 “In addition to finding and sharing content, eduClipper will allow teachers and students to post and share their best work, lesson ideas, and more to the global community,” Bellow continues. “In essence, we are going to be building a digital resource hub that empowers students to create and curate their own learning portfolios.”