Wonderville Platform Bridges Education With Technology

Learning Core, an educational software company, announced today the pilot program launch of its premier product Wonderville.com. Wonderville is an education technology platform that empowers kindergarten through fifth grade teachers to harness the power of the Internet to enrich their lesson plans and effectively addresses national Common Core Standards requirements in language arts. Wonderville virtually connects parents, teachers and students in an informative and visually innovative manner while reinforcing educational material that is essential to state and national curriculum needs.

Wonderville is the first online destination to use technology to meaningfully engage all key stakeholders of education, while most importantly tapping into the imagination of children and making learning “more awesome.” Wonderville has harnessed the collective input of over 1,000 teachers to create their “Smart Galleries” and is bolstered by the powerful impact of over 10,000 videos, images, quizzes and rewards. On Wonderville teachers can create online classrooms that seamlessly integrate interactive whiteboards, mobile devices and PCs. Nearly 30% of all U.S. classrooms currently use interactive white boards, a technology that is expected to surge to 65% over the next few years.

“Technology holds an increasingly prominent place in the classroom, yet there are very few effective tools available to leverage this to better equip students and teachers to meet the rigors of the current educational requirements,” said Mark Eastwood , founder and chief executive officer, Wonderville. “We built Wonderville to empower teachers through the use of an extraordinary digital platform, better connect parents into their children’s education, and spark a world of exploration and discovery among students.”

Learning Core has also firmly expressed that Wonderville and their future products are and always will be 100% free for teachers. The base product is also free for families, and parents can subscribe for additional enrichment to give their kids a “boost” in school.

Through an interactive library of carefully crafted and curated content, Wonderville brings to life rich and compelling content that underscores each of the 19 standardized touch points students are expected to learn during the school year. The site features more than 1,000 ‘Smart Galleries’ covering subjects including space exploration, popular culture, historical biographies, earth sciences and more. The site also features interactive quizzes and games to test a student’s mastery of a specific subject while allowing parents and teachers to track each student’s development and engage in in ongoing discussions.

Wonderville has been in development for more than two years, and has gone through rigorous testing with more than 10,000 users. The site has been accepted into the Smart Ecosystem for content developers, enabling Wonderville to reach more than 1 million teachers per month and power their classroom interactive whiteboards.

The pilot launch will engage teachers across the United States, including more than 50 schools and 1,000 students.  Full public launch is slated for fall 2013. For more information, please visit www.wonderville.com.

Source: Press Release