The Web We Want: Free Online Reflection Handbook for Teens


The Web We Want: Free Online Reflection Handbook for TeensThe Web We Want is an educational handbook developed by European Schoolnet for 13-16 year olds aimed at helping to reflect on online experiences and responsibilities. The handbook has been developed with and by young people, and has reflective exercises about the Internet for students to think and write about.

Students can test their online skills, learn more about their rights in the online world and create tips and tools that they can share with other young people. The handbook has some nice details about what other teens think about certain online activities and what they want out of the internet, which can aid reflection.

The exercises aim to trigger reflection on online topics such as:

  1. My rights and responsibilities online
  2. “Information is not knowledge”, Albert Einstein
  3. Participating on the web
  4. Shape your Identity
  5. Privacy, my most precious possession
  6. The artist in you

This handbook is not only designed to be used in the classroom, but can also serve as a useful resource for peer education.

To download the handbook, click here.