Schoolfy: New Classroom Management System For Educators


Schoolfy has announced the summer launch of its long-awaited educational technology platform. Touted as a revolutionary classroom management system, the Schoolfy platform builds upon social networking technology to facilitate teacher planning, support online grading, and otherwise enhance educators’ time management.

A Gentle Revolution in Ed Tech

Schoolfy’s educational technology has been in development for more than two years and boasts a number of unique features that differentiate it from competitors’ endeavors. A hallmark of the Schoolfy platform is its adaptability to any educational system. The flexible software caters to the diverse needs of educators of all kinds: school teachers, K-12 teachers, university instructors, corporate trainers and so forth.

“We don’t want to change the proven materials and processes that teachers are already using,” explains Oscar Civantos , Schoolfy’s founder and CEO. “We help teachers use those same materials in an interactive way, with their computers, and the platform easily becomes second-nature. No other company is there yet.”

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Free Social Networks for Teachers

Schoolfy lets schoolteachers, professors, tutors and other educators set up free and private social networks to more efficiently manage tasks such as notifying parents about children’s assignments and progress. Says Civantos, “The goal is to reduce the time it takes a teacher to complete tasks such as class preparation, administrative work and communication with parents. More than ever, teachers can spend their time on what’s really important: working with students.”

Civantos adds that the privacy safeguards of Schoolfy’s education platform are uniquely designed for educational environments. They meet an exceptionally high standard, exceeding the privacy protections of existing social networks.

A Full Suite of “Green” Edtech Tools

Schoolfy’s social network technology is integrated with a wide range of tools that not only save time, but also significantly reduce paperwork. Tasks such as assigning students to small groups and collecting dues for field trips become streamlined and digitized. Educators can also make their worksheets interactive; students can complete worksheets online and receive feedback in digital form.

Civantos explains, “Our system can bring dramatic savings in terms of time and paperwork. Teachers and assistants today spend hours making photocopies for students and parents, and it’s not necessary. We’re bringing unique tools to tackle this important issue.”

Free Registration Now Available at

Civantos and his team are putting the final touches on Schoolfy. The technology will be made available to the public this summer. Educators are now invited to register for Schoolfy during the pre-launch at

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