Reading Eggs Launches its First Math App: Eggy Numbers 1 to 10


Eggy Numbers 1 - 10Reading Eggs has launched its new Eggy Numbers 1 to 10 app for the iPad and iPhone. Designed for children taking their first steps into the world of math, this highly interactive app helps children ages 3+ identify, write and count numbers 1 to 10 with seven fun and interactive games.

Using the ‘tap’ and ‘touch and drag’ interactivity of the iPad and iPhone, Eggy Numbers 1 to 10 provides an intuitive hands-on learning experience for young children. The app includes three games that teach children how to identify and write each number from 1 to 10 – first by tracing over a dot-to-dot and number shaped visuals, then by drawing the number from memory. Four more games develop a conceptual understanding of numbers and their value, where children need to count items and match numerical values to pictures.

With engaging visuals, fun music and playful sound effects, Eggy Numbers 1 to 10 provides a fun and motivational learning environment for young children. The app also includes a range of rewards that children earn when successfully completing activities.

Eggy Numbers 1 to 10 is available to download from iTunes for $2.99.