Online Class on Stress Management for Kids: Playful Learning

Playful Learning, the Parents’ Choice Gold Medal award-winning online learning website for kids, today announced the release of its newest Ecademy class titled Stress Management: Help Your Child Find Peace Inside & Out. In this new online class, founder Mariah Bruehl offers families a positive and productive approach to stress management for kids by teaching them to learn to manage stress and anxiety more effectively. The new online class can be found at

There is no doubt that today’s children are stressed out. In fact, according to research conducted by the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, it’s estimated that anxiety disorders affect one in eight children. Their research also indicates children with anxiety disorders are a higher risk to perform poorly in school and miss out on important social experiences.

These statistics are no surprise to Bruehl, who was a First Grade teacher in New York City during the September 11th terrorist attacks. She witnessed firsthand that anxiety, stress and fear inhibit learning. That year, Bruehl transformed her curriculum so that her students were actively working, writing, creating, and sharing in order to make a difference in the world and the results were compelling. Bruehl identified that empowering children to help others was in fact a successful way to help children get through difficult times. Bruehl took the key learnings from her teaching experience and funneled them into the newest online learning class.

“Changing the curriculum turned out to be amazing because I watched those kids transform from victims of war into international peacemakers, said Mariah Bruehl, Founder of Playful Learning. “Sadly, our children will continue to witness traumatic events. Just this school, year we experienced Hurricane Sandy, the Sandy Hook shooting, the Boston Marathon bombing and the horrific tornado that just hit Moore, Oklahoma. Combine these harsh realities with the everyday stresses that our over-scheduled, heavily tested and generally exhausted children experience, and its no wonder why our children feel anxious. My hope with this new online class is to empower children with simple techniques that will decrease their stress and anxiety and empower them in the long-term.”

Parents can visit Playful Learning’s website to purchase the Stress Management: Help Your Child Find Peace Inside & Out e-Course for only $17. The class focuses on the power of positive thinking, highlights helpful ways to manage stress and anxiety and teaches children the importance of making a difference in the world. As with all Ecademy online classes, this class includes:

  •     Instant activities that can be completed in less than an hour
  •     A video created by kids for kids to teach children life changing lessons
  •     A video for parents and teachers that provides tips on how to support children in their daily lives
  •     All printables needed to complete the learning activities
  •     Unlimited access to the self-paced course
  •     A 100 percent money-back guarantee

Families with siblings only need to purchase a single course.

The Playful Learning Ecademy, takes virtual-learning experiences to a new level by incorporating the best practices in education with engaging hands-on lessons, bringing parents and children together from all over the world into a unique, creative community environment. It provides parents with the support and guidance needed for supplementing and enriching their children’s education. New online classes will be available on a monthly basis covering topics such as social and emotional learning, reading, writing, math, science, nutrition, art, and technology. For additional information, please visit the company’s website at