Learn Fun Ocean Facts With SuperFugu


WemoLab, a technology platform company creating global entertainment has launched its first mobile product, SuperFugu, an interactive tablet app built around a superhero puffer fish named Fugu. SuperFugu takes kids on a “digital field trip” of the world’s oceans, allowing them to interact with and learn about different aquatic species while collecting golden coins, escaping dangerous predators, and rescuing and collecting Fugu’s fish friends. SuperFugu is available exclusively for iPad and can be downloaded free on the App Store.

SuperFugu is powered by WemoLab’s first product, theBlu, an AI platform of the world’s oceans populated with digital recreations of its inhabitants. TheBlu is critically acclaimed, and received accolades for its scientifically accurate 3-D animated ocean, interactive education platform and ongoing contributions to preserving oceans. All of the aquatic species in both theBlu and SuperFugu were created by a global network of “Makers” – independent graphic artists that contribute their designs to a digital marketplace.

“Wemo stands for ‘world emotion’ and our goal is to create next generation, immersive connected experiences that bring people together from all over the world,” said co-founder and CEO Neville Spiteri. “The feedback we received on theBlu overwhelmingly demonstrated that there is an exploding appetite for family-centric content with an element of learning and fun.”

In order to make SuperFugu the best experience for parents and kids, Wemo created industry-leading parental control features that are accessible at launch. Parents can initiate a one-time purchase for uninterrupted enjoyment and protection against surprise charges, give kids a coin allowance, set a timer for play, control audio settings and review a “report card” that promotes conversation.

SuperFugu features high-fidelity, 3-D graphics brought to life by Avatar’s Academy Award-winning Animation Director, Andy Jones. Users can learn about aquatic species as they play by unlocking facts that are curated and narrated by Time Magazine’s Hero of the Planet, Dr. Sylvia Earle, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence.

“I have dedicated my life to exploring and preserving the ocean and when I saw theBlu I knew that the WemoLab team shared my passion,” said Earle. “We believe the stories of the world’s oceans are important to share and we are confident that kids around the world will love interacting with Fugu while learning about life in the ocean.”

Additional SuperFugu features include:

  • 3-D character direct-touch controls
  • Swipe maneuvers and navigation
  • Personalized Fugu skins including strawberry, ninja and zombie
  • Option for kids to become “mini-makers,” and submit their own color drawings to be included in the game as a Fugu skin

Available now, the Reef is the first of several habitats to explore and includes 16 levels of play. Upcoming releases will have players swimming across new habitats all over the world including the Arctic, the Kelp Forests, the depths of the ocean and more. Download in the App Store.