Addition & Subtraction Made Easy With Montessori 1st Operations

Award winning educational software startup 3 Elles Interactive have just launched Montessori 1st Operations, a clear and simple approach to addition and subtraction for children aged 5-8 years old. Developed by teachers, Montessori 1st Operations combines pedagogy with the best of 21st Century technology. Using a revolutionary dynamic progression algorithm, the app follows each user’s progress and adapts the games accordingly.


  • A natural progression to add and subtract numbers from 1 to 99.
  • An initiation to multiplication and division using the concepts of double and half – more than 10 different activities with fun monsters.
  • A detailed “Note to parents” explaining the pedagogy behind each game.
  • 11 languages: English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese,Portuguese, Russian and Korean.
  • Universal app (iPhone, iTouch, iPad, iPad Mini).

3 Elles Interactive was founded in 2010 and has designed and published 5 educational apps, all of which have been featured on the AppStore. For more information visit: