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The iMums Feature Speech Therapy Apps

May is Better Hearing and Speech Month, and The iMums, founded by four tech-savvy moms from four corners of the globe, will feature reviews of speech therapy apps, resources, tips, and question-and-answer sessions with speech and language therapists.

“We want to highlight the apps and speech therapists who are making a real difference in the lives of children who have speech disorders,” said iMum Mary Mahon. Mahon has a six-year-old daughter with Childhood Apraxia of Speech, a severe speech disorder where the child has great difficulty planning and producing the series of movements that are necessary for intelligible speech. Three of the four iMums have children in speech therapy, Mahon said. “This is a cause that is near and dear to our hearts,” she said. “I first got interested in apps because of my daughter’s Apraxia. She was three years old and needed to do home speech therapy practice every day, but she really resisted. The iPad got her interested in doing her therapy, and willing to do her daily practice.”

The iMums promotion will start May 1st and end May 14 on the inaugural Apraxia Awareness Day. Participating developers include:  Hamaguchi Apps, Pocket SLP, Little Bee Speech, Tactus Therapy Solutions, Virtual Speech Center, Avaz for Autism, Blue Whale Apps, Multimedia Speech Pathology, Mobile Education Store, Close 2 Home Apps, Speechbox, Abilipad, SpeechPups, Global Augmentative and many more!

“This is all a celebration of speech therapy and a ‘thank you’ to all the therapists who make such a difference for our children,” said Mahon, who will speak about apps and tablets at the Childhood Apraxia of Speech of North America’s annual conference in Denver, Colorado  this summer.

The iMums site also features reviews of educational apps for children with other special needs as well as for the typically developing  child. The iMums, four moms from four corners of the earth, met online while searching for and reviewing apps for their own children. In 2011, they formed a children’s tech review site to help parents and educators find the best educational apps and technology products. The iMums are founder Amanda Powell of Australia, Alison Hirst of the U.S., Grace Shirley Chong of Singapore and Mahon, a United Kingdom native now living in the U.S. Collectively, the group has 11 children ages 2 to 18. The iMums also feature developer interviews, articles and news, and they sponsor “Freebie Fridays” where they give away promo codes for kids’ apps, and highlight free and sale apps in the marketplace.

All details of the event will be posted on The iMums website, The iMums Facebook Page,  and Twitter. Join their Facebook event to ensure you don’t miss anything. Developers wishing to join the event please email mary (at)

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