“Submit” Moving Cyberbullying Documentary Released


It’s becoming more and more common that teachers are having to deal with the fall out from cyberbullying in classrooms. ‘Submit’, a recently released documentary on the stories of families affected by cyberbullying is a stark and poignant tale of how technology can be used in emotionally harmful ways. It documents the shared experiences and testimonials of victims, survivors and experts expose the rapidly growing, dark world of cyberbullying. The film has since been selected for the Atlanta Film Festival.

Producer Les Ottolenghi explains why he created Submit, “I came home from work one night and turned on the local news and saw the story of an 11 year old boy who had been cyberbullied and then committed suicide. I thought about my 1 year old son and thought this can’t happen again this can’t happen to anyone else’s child this can’t happen to our child. So I made this movie so these wonderful and powerful technologies that can be used in very good ways were not used in bad ways. I made this film so that all of you that are watching it become aware and not bystanders.”

The website that accompanies the film has resources for teachers such as fact sheets, guides for parents and how to respond to cyberbullying. Check out the screening page for details of how to access the film.