Kidaptive Releases Appisode for Leo’s Pad Preschool App

Following the worldwide success of the first and second Leo’s Pad apps for iPad, Kidaptive has released the next animated appisode of the Leo’s Pad Preschool Kids Learning Series. Stanford-trained educators have teamed up with an Emmy-award winning director and feature film animators to create this highly acclaimed series of adaptive learning apps. The animated stories follow the adventures of eight-year-old friends: Leo ( Leonardo da Vinci ), Gally (Galileo), and Marie (Curie) . In appisodes 1 and 2, the friends construct a telescope and build a rocket to travel through space while learning valuable skills, which are assessed by the app.

In the third appisode, “Catch that Question”, children learn about gravity when Marie invents flying belts that allow her to fly. However, Marie’s Question Lab begins to float away into the sky, and everyone must act quickly to help. As part of the story, learners help Leo with painting, flying, and catching fireflies through games and activities. These activities are carefully engineered to teach learning dimensions such as turn-taking, impulse control, emotion identification in others, attention control, and collaboration.

Interactive games are integrated into the story and allow children to engage with the characters directly. The adaptive technology allows the difficulty of games in the app to automatically adjust based on previous responses by the learner. Appisodes 1 – 3 are now available in the Leo’s Pad: Preschool Kids Learning Series app. A total of 25 learning apps will be released in the series.

Source: Press Release