Education Portal Offers 13 Free AP Courses

Education Portal, a Silicon Valley start-up that develops free online courses that lead to real college credit, today added 13 Advanced Placement (AP) courses to its roster of over 40 college courses. The AP courses are designed to help high school students pass the upcoming AP exams in May.

Students can save thousands of dollars on the cost of their education and reduce student loan debt by taking AP courses. Research shows that students who perform well in AP courses are more likely to graduate from college in four years. AP courses allow students to acquire the skills and habits to be successful in college as well as earn college credit that is accepted by more than 90 percent of U.S. colleges and universities. With AP exams fast approaching, students are forced to cram an entire school years’ worth of information to prepare for the exam. Education Portal’s courses offer an easy way for students to review important information.

“With the cost of college on the rise, and student loan debt reaching $1 trillion, a higher education is becoming out of reach for many students,” said Ben Wilson , President, Education Portal. “AP exams allow students to earn low cost credit and eliminate the need for student loans.”

Education Portal’s AP courses, which include the popular Calculus, US History and Biology, consist of fun and engaging video micro-lectures that reinforce topics taught in a typical AP class. Students can use the courses to review concepts learned early in the year or to learn material that the class didn’t get to.

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