Zachy the Robot™: Quest for the Museum Treasures Educational App

GenevaMars, publisher of STEM-focused educational apps, and Carnegie Museum of Natural History, one of the top natural history museums in the country, have joined forces to create a new educational children’s game, Zachy the Robot™: Quest for the Museum Treasures. Starring the award-winning Zachy the Robot™ cast of characters, Quest introduces children ages three and up to paleontology, mineralogy, and geology through a fun, interactive adventure game. Now available on Apple’s iTunes App Store for iPad, Quest includes puzzles, mini-games, and a fun story that will entertain and educate children for hours.

Zachy the Robot™: Quest for the Museum Treasures starts off in the newly built Robocity Museum where children choose one of three areas to explore: dinosaurs, minerals, or fossils. Children then travel the world with Zachy the Robot™ and his friends to find exhibits for the new museum. Along the way, children encounter puzzles and mini-games including a pattern completion game, a timed sorting game, digging games, a dinosaur puzzle game, and a maze controlled by the iPad’s accelerometer. Each of these activities helps develop important skills such as pattern recognition, image recognition, and hand-eye coordination.

In Quest for the Museum Treasures, Children visit sites on all seven continents including places such as the Yixian Formation in China, Minas Gerais in Brazil, the Erzgebirge Mountains in Germany, and the Hanson Formation in Antarctica. Each location is accompanied by an original soundtrack inspired by music from that region.

“With Quest for the Museum Treasures, we wanted to take Zachy the Robot on a trek around the world to introduce children to natural history,” said Charles Kim, CEO of GenevaMars. “With help from scientists and staff at Carnegie Museum of Natural History, we were able to produce a game that offers entertainment for kids as well as educational value from one of the leading natural history museums in the world.”

Carnegie Museum of Natural History scientists who advised GenevaMars include paleontologist Matt Lamanna, mineralogists Marc and Deb Wilson, and geologist Albert Kollar. Mary Ann Steiner, Director of Learning Research at the museum, coordinated and advised on the project as well.

Zachy the Robot™: Quest for the Museum Treasures is a follow up to the educational app Zachy the Robot™: The Leaning Tower of Robocity, the recipient of a prestigious Parents’ Choice Recommended Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation, which signifies excellence in childrens’ media.

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