Pocoyo teams up with Earth Hour


The Spanish pre-school animation series, Pocoyo has teamed up with Earth Hour with an Ocean Clean Up Game and accompanying activity book for kids. They are looking to raise awareness of Earth Hour and the state of the oceans with their ocean trash collection game and activity book. The activity book has 14 pages of activities for pre-school kids where they can cut out and make creative items like picture frames, eco friendly toys and recycling games. The makers of the game have said that if 100,000 people play the Ocean Clean Clean Up game, Pocoyo will collect ocean debris to the weight of 2 tonnes and do their bit for ocean clean-up.

YouTube Preview Image

Earth Hour is the single, largest, symbolic mass participation event in the world.  Its aim is to mobilize people to take action on climate change, Earth Hour now inspires a global community of millions of people in 7,001 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories to switch lights off for an hour as a massive show of concern for the environment.

Pocoyo have also produced this activity book for teachers and parents: