LiveSchool behavior tracking app helps KIPP LA shift school culture


KIPP LA middle schools have a powerful tool in a behavior-tracking app that helps reward students for good choices and build a school culture that supports learning.

LiveSchool automates paperwork-heavy behavior tracking systems with a school-wide platform that makes sharing information and enforcing consistent rules and rewards easy.

The app is among the education-related technologies showcased this week at the International Conference on Positive Behavior Support in San Diego. The conference runs through Saturday, March 30.

“User-friendly technology offers a golden opportunity to assist teachers and schools in the delivery of positive behavior reinforcements,” says Tim Knoster , Executive Director of the Association for Positive Behavior Support. He’s also a behavior expert, author of a classroom management guide and Bloomsburg University professor.

Emphasizing positive behavior is particularly important in schools such as KIPP LA , a charter school network, where students often enroll two to four grade levels behind.

“Middle school students are going through a lot,” says Archana Patel , school leader at Academy of Opportunity, one of threeKIPP LA middle schools using LiveSchool. “The environment doesn’t always message that being good in school makes you a cool person.

“Our positive behavior system tracks individual choices but also is designed to shift school culture,” she says.

Research shows a high ratio of positive to negative feedback supports successful relationships, whether in a marriage, on the job or at school, and LiveSchool connects hard work with acknowledgement and success. Students in grades 5 and 6 earn points and redeem them for field trips, college tours and special in-school events that reinforce learning. In grades 7 and 8, students can lose points as well as earn them.

“The choices that you make have an impact,” Patel says.

The school sends weekly behavior reports home for parents to sign, improving collaboration and communication around character issues driven by data, not emotion, she says.

LiveSchool also offers tools to track attendance, assignments, and real-time hallway passes using desktops, laptops and tablets. Forty-five schools in 15 states already use the platform, from LiveSchool Inc. a Nashville-based startup.

Read a Q & A with School Leader Archana Patel about LiveSchool’s role in improving school culture.

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