Is Internet Addiction Real?

Is Internet Addiction Real? – Facts & Infographic has published an infographic detailing the dangers of excessive Internet usage for their weekly FryDay Poll. The infographic, titled “Is Internet Addiction Real?” examines types of Internet overuse and the problems surrounding the behavior, and discusses whether Internet addiction should be considered a mental disorder.

The FryDay Poll takes a look at everyday Internet users, pointing to a poll conducted by SodaHead in 2012, that found that about 61% of Internet users believe they are addicted to online activities, ranging from Facebook to gaming, shopping, gambling, and viewing pornography. The use of Facebook and other social networking sites is a common type of Internet overuse, characterized by a compulsive need for connection to the Internet and social media. Real-world addictions like shopping and gambling are also carried over into the online sphere, becoming even more dangerous with the Internet allowing constant accessibility.

The infographic delves into situations in which Internet addiction has overflowed into real life, negatively affecting life outside of the Internet, including personal relationships, jobs, and health, even sometimes leading to death. The infographic shows several recent incidents in which online gaming addictions have proven to be the deadliest form of Internet addiction, leading to the deaths of the gamers themselves or their family members. Internet use in the workplace, termed cyberslacking, is another damaging type of Internet use, and has been shown to interfere with productivity, costing businesses millions of dollars annually.

Is Internet Addiction Real?
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