FriendsForMinecraft Launch Android and Web Versions


FriendsForMinecraft have launched Android and Web companion apps to the wildly popular Minecraft game. These two clients join the iOS version launched last December which has already amassed nearly 25,000 downloads and is growing by an average of 10% each week with an average rating of 4.5 stars. It is the largest database of location-tagged images.

The FriendsForMinecraft social platform brings networking features to Minecraft by enabling users to find their friends and share their in-game experiences such as creations, favorite servers and favorite add-ons. For example, a FriendsForMinecraft user can capture and share photos of Minecraft creations. Friends viewing this photo on any of the FriendsForMinecraft clients, including Android, iOS and, can comment, vote and see photos taken by all users on that same server.

FriendsForMinecraft is also announcing today an innovative new feature available across all three clients called “Take Me There” through which users transport themselves in-game to a server where they can visit and see any shared creation.

With FriendsforMinecraft now available on iOS, Android and Web, users are able to browse the most visited servers and most popular images from across all of the FriendsForMinecraft clients. Innovative development continues for the FriendsForMinecraft family and plans to open the platform to third-party developers.

To learn more and download the apps, please visit:

Source: Press Release