9 Ways 3D Printing Can Revolutionize The Classroom


As 3D printing becomes more accessible to the public, educators are learning how this technology can and is revolutionizing the classroom. 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is the process of creating an object by “printing” or laying down material layers until the object is formed. Check out this infographic from Onlinedegrees.org with 9 great ways 3d printing can revolutionize the classroom.

  1. Biology students can study cross-sections of hearts or other organs.
  2. Chemistry students could print out molecules to study.
  3. Auto class students could print replacement or modified car parts.
  4. Cooking class students could design intricate molds for ices and gelatins.
  5. Students in geography could print out maps showing the topography population or demographics of an area.
  6. Graphic Design students could create 3D versions of their artwork.
  7. History classes could print out historic artifacts for closer examination.
  8. Architecture students could easily print out 3D models of their designs.
  9. Engineering and design students can print out prototypes of their creations.

3d Printing