The Changing World of Children at Play [Lego Mindstorms]

Lego Mindstorms is one of the more popular smart toys that teaches kids computing, robotics and engineering from a young age. On their website, they have a dedicated area for educators, which is well worth a read through. They have recently released LEGO® MINDSTORMS™ EV3, a new platform for consumer robotics designed to introduce a younger generation to the excitement of building and programming robots while adding new flexibility for its devoted following of robotics enthusiasts.

As we all know, children today generally have less free time and spend less time outdoors while spending more time on screens, they engage with technology at a younger age, and with the increasing access to mobile devices, they are connected everywhere.  The infographic synthesizes seven key changes that have taken place over the past 15 years, as compiled by the Institute for the Future. Not only are these trends changing the way children play, they have changed the expectations that children place on any new experience and are setting the tone for what’s to come.



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