Nanoscience Resources for Science Teachers

NANOYOU (Nano for Youth) is a project that aims to increase young people’s basic understanding of nanotechnologies (NT) and to get them thinking about its ethical, legal and social aspects. The Nanoyou website is full of excellent resources including posters, videos, powerpoint presentations, video labs, hands-on experiments, role plays and online games that aim to teach students about nanoscience.

We were very impressed with the breadth and scope of the resources available, and this resources map shows all of them available on the site. In particular we liked the role plays which highlighted collaboration and expression into science teaching. This role play on antibacterial socks was particularly well constructed, with ethical questions such as ‘Is it right to sell antibacterial socks containing silver nanoparticles while it is not known yet if these are entirely safe for the environment?’. Another role play on being superhuman brings in the ethical considerations of using processes developed for medical treatment to enhance the human body.

In another key resource, the Nano Lab, there a Virtual lab where students become a researcher and do their own experiments online, as well as resources for hands-on activities to experience different properties of the nanoscale and their applications.

We also liked the jigsaw puzzle cards game where students must match the different cards to discover facts about the nanoscience applications that are already part of our lives. The site provides video experiments for teachers such as liquid crystals, gold nanosensors and natural nanomaterials, all of which would be a great addition to any science class. These have all been uploaded to a dedicated YouTube channel

We would highly recommend having a look through the resources, and use them to teach some of the basics of nanoscience to your students.