Montessori Numberland [App Review]


Numberland is another Montessori based app by Les Trois Elles that aims to teach young children the numbers from 0 to 9. The app has 10 gorgeously animated scenes that correspond to a number. In each scene players can see how to write a number, hear its name and count the objects on the screen to reinforce the learning. The player is encouraged to touch as many objects as possible on the screen and is prompted to find objects by a clear audio. We particularly liked finding the nine-eyed monster in scene 9, and the echoey sounds in the cave really added to the cute graphics.

Other aspects of the Montessori method are used such as number rods and spindles to understand the notion of quantity, and players can also practice writing numbers on a digital notebook. Multiple languages are also supported (English, French and Spanish) and any artwork created by players can be saved and downloaded or emailed.

This simple app is a great way of not only learning about numbers, but also to associate numbers with a quantity. It is very easy for young children to learn numbers but the further step of understanding the relationship between numbers and quantity can be more difficult. This app effectively bridges this gap. We also thought that the graphics were particularly good for a pre-school app, and they got great feedback from our young app testers!

The app is available on iTunes and is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.