Join the Microsoft Safer Online Teen Challenge


Being part of the Avatar Generation, teens need to understand the power of social networks and responsibly manage their communication online. A key part of learning how to use the Internet is to know how to behave safely online. Microsoft have produced a huge range of resources for teens, teachers and parents to help them be safe, and avoid risky situations online. They have brochures, fact sheets and tip cards, videos, and free online safety presentations.

The have also launched the Safer Online Teen Challenge, a competition where students are encouraged to unleash their creativity to create a presentation, video, cartoon, song or survey about online safety. There are some tasty prizes for the winners including a Microsoft tablet and an Xbox Kinect bundle.

The challenge is a great way to get students to educate themselves about online safety while at the same time educating others. It could also be a good method of encouraging collaboration and group activity in the classroom. Take a look at their Facebook page and dedicated website for more details.