Underwater Math App for Android


Number Splash is a new Android application that provides a complete underwater classroom experience for kids to educate them about math in a whole new, fun way. Number Splash makes interacting with numbers, counting and arithmetic fun again.

Kids will be able to grasp the concept of counting in a completely diversified new way. Number Splash is available in eight different languages: English, Mandarin, Korean, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, & Portuguese.

Seven intuitive math education activities included for kids: Lets count, What’s Missing, How Many, Addition, Subtraction, Challenge, Bubble Sum. A progress report plots the success of completed activities, allowing you to ensure your child is enforcing their math skills.

Number Splash redefines fun based education. With an underwater gameplay, smooth graphics and high educational value, Number Splash is the perfect way to teach your kids all about math.

For more information visit: http://dmtsource.com