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TabPilot: App Management System For Your Classroom

TabPilot  is an android Tablet Manager that allows teachers to lock down a whole group of tablets by choosing the specific apps that students may access during class. Students are locked out of everything else. Each teacher in the school can have their own configuration that they apply to the tablet group before use in their class. The system also functions as an app distribution system with the ability to remotely install or remove apps from a group of devices wirelessly. The cloud-based system is managed through any standard web browser.

TabPilot 1.0 introduces a few features that were not found in beta, including the ability to track versions of each app and determine which tablets have out of date apps. The system can then be used to push updated versions to the tablets wirelessly. Administrators now have the ability to hide certain apps, such as system apps, from teacher views, as well as the ability to get a quick inventory of all apps on any specific device, or find a list of all devices with a specific app to check for license compliance.

TabPilot runs on a variety of Android-based tablets, including a low-cost TabPilot-branded device. The company offers loaner devices to school technology departments to use for evaluation purposes.

More information can be found on the company web site at

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