More Than 8 Million Correct Answers on Skoolbo Educational Game

Children from all over the world have correctly answered more than 8 million questions on Skoolbo since its release in June. Average improvement rates are exceeding 22%. Skoolbo is the world’s largest educational game and currently targets literacy and numeracy for 4 to 10 year olds.

Sue Pike, Head of Junior School, Australian International School, Singapore, said: “As a school, AIS has been delighted by the level of engagement of our students and by the improvement of their skills both in Literacy and Numeracy. Skoolbo has certainly captured their attention and motivated them to earn points and to reach ‘Superhero’ status. Above all, however, it is the ability of the program to adapt to the skill levels of each individual child that has proven to be so attractive to us as a school. In this way, we know that each child is being challenged at his or her own level and is able to move forward at his or her own pace. This is a winning formula for us and is reflected in our results to date.”

Shane Hill, Skoolbo Founder and CEO, said: “We are extremely pleased with how children, teachers and parents have responded to Skoolbo. Children love the game component and forget that they are learning. By far and away the aspect we are most proud of is the improvement shown by students.”

Skoolbo is increasing users by more than 10% a week. There have been many schools using the program in their class activities. Caroline Both from National Teachers Academy, Chicago, USA, said: “I am using Skoolbo this year in Kindergarten now that I have iPads 2 for my whole class. I can’t tell you how much they absolutely love it. My iPad time is not quiet anymore as the children get excited to compete against their friends.”

In mid-2013, Skoolbo will launch 52 different language learning apps as well as additional content in Geography, Science and History.

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Source: Press Release