MindSnacks Launches on the iPad, Features New Look And More Games

MindSnacks, the leading developer of mobile educational games, today announced significant updates across its popular award-winning language acquisition and test preparation apps. Currently available for SpanishItalianGermanFrench,PortugueseMandarin and SAT Vocab, MindSnacks designs engaging, bite-sized educational games that support long-term learning among users of all ages.

The release unveils the company’s most significant product improvements to date, advancing its efforts to become the most fun and trusted way to learn. Key features released in this version of MindSnacks include iPad support; nine addicting mini-games; a new user interface complete with hand-illustrated assets; and the ability to teach broader subject-specific skills including conversation, sentence composition, word connotations and more.

“The latest version of MindSnacks enhances the educational experience by covering additional areas of learning that are important to each subject,” said Jesse Pickard, co-founder and CEO of MindSnacks. “Our new game offerings teach an even wider range of skills. Learners can practice sentence composition, conversational skills and other areas necessary for subject mastery. As a result, these new learning opportunities allow MindSnacks to impart a deeper understanding of the subject material.”

With over five million app downloads worldwide, MindSnacks engages users through touch-based games that are each designed with a personalized learning algorithm to help users maximize memorization, retention and contextual usage at their own individualized pace. The current MindSnacks portfolio consists of 14 apps that are all designed in-house by our game development and educational content teams. MindSnacks comes packed with 50 different lessons that each teach grammar and context along with approximately 1,000 essential vocabulary words, phrases and concepts.

Download the latest version of your favorite MindSnacks subject today from the iTunes App Store or go to http://www.mindsnacks.com.

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