Me Read? No Way! Guide for improving boys’ literacy skills


Departments’ of Education around the world have some great resources on their websites, but many of these resources are hidden away and are difficult to find. We found this great ebook which looks at practical tips for improving boys’ literacy skills developed by the Ontario Ministry of Education which is well worth a read.

An increasing volume of evidence indicates that gender is a significant factor in both choice of reading materials and reading achievement for boys and girls. The guide provides practical strategies that teachers can put to use in the classroom, both immediately and over the longer term, to improve boys’ literacy skills.

The guide offers practices and strategies that are being used in successful literacy programs for boys around the world and that educators can draw on to create a stimulating and engaging learning environment.

The ebook also has a section that supports using technology to get boys interested in literacy (p40), and describes the potential of harnessing boys’ attraction to computers to stimulate their literacy development.

Download the ebook here.