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Genetics resources for biology teachers from Nowgen

Nowgen is a UK biomedial Centre of Excellence that carries out education work with biology classes in schools. They work with school students, teachers and the wider education community to make sure that the biology taught in schools uses the latest research findings. They also provide hands-on workshops for students and have an excellent set of online resources for biology teachers.

We had a trawl through some of the genetics resources they have online, and they have lots of genetics and biology resources for Secondary / High School students. All the resources are free to access for teachers and students. The resources also offer valuable insights into the work of researchers and so can be used as real-world career materials. Contributing researchers come from notable UK institutions such as University College London and the University of Manchester.

They have videos about the influence of genes on common diseases such as eczema; lesson plans around the role of nature and nurture, and documents with a policy focus, such as how and why genomics should be taught in the classroom. The lesson plans are innovative, for example, students taking on the role of tabloid journalist to write a science news story from a press release.

Have a look through their resources and videos, there are some excellent lesson plan ideas that you might like to use in your own classroom.


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