Montessori Geometry

Top 8 Apps for Geometry

If angles and planes confuse you or you have trouble finding volume and area, there’s an app for you. These top 8 apps for geometry provide interactive representations of geometrical concepts and activities to help geometry students build their skills. They’re ideal for students needing homework help and teachers who want to spice up instruction in the geometry classroom.

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Montessori Geometry

Montessori Geometry seeks to make geometry relevant to students. Designed for younger geometry learners it shows shapes in common settings. The app also features games and activities to help students practice recognizing geometric shapes. The 3D images are another unique feature to help make geometry come to life.

Geometry 4 Kids

Geometry 4 Kids is a brightly colored app designed to teach geometry to elementary students. The app includes lessons on 2D and 3D shapes, faces and sides, lines and symmetry. Kids can try to solve riddles related to common shapes and solve real-world problems to build their geometry skills. Critical thinking exercises are also included in the app to help challenge kids.

Video Geometry Tutor

Video Geometry Tutor brings geometry class to your smartphone or tablet. Offering more than 80 videos in 15 different categories, you can find a refresher course on nearly any geometry topic. The videos have been designed with teens in mind and are focused on making geometry instruction a little more interesting and engaging to help students understand some of the more difficult concepts.

HMH Fuse Geometry

With the HMH Fuse Geometry app, students get help exploring geometry concepts and are presented with real-life problems to help build their knowledge and skills. Included in the app is a place to work out problems and multiple images to help illustrate important concepts. The app also connects geometry skills to other areas of math, such as algebra and statistics to help students really understand math as a whole.

Geometry Stash

Geometry Stash is a must-have app for students who need to brush up their knowledge of geometry terms or a handy reference guide to consult while doing their homework. Each term in the guide is illustrated and contains a detailed description. The app is designed to allow students to quickly find the terms and information with alphabetical lists and a handy search feature.

Pocket Geometry

Pocket Geometry serves as a geometry calculator for your smartphone or tablet. The app is designed to calculate measurements such as perimeter, area and volume of nearly any shape. It also calculates measurements for tricky 3D shapes and provides visual images to help students understand concepts.


Geoboard gets students in elementary and middle school involved in the shape creation process. Using virtual pegs and rubber bands, students stretch the bands around the pegs to learn about different shapes and concepts such as area and angles. Different colors of rubber bands allow students to distinguish between shapes or explore multiple concepts on the same peg board.

Triangle Solver

Triangle Solver helps find information about tricky triangles. Students who know two angles and one side of a triangle can plug the information into the app and instantly find the rest of the angles and sides. The app provides images of the triangles and also allows students to toggle the triangle to produce a different solution.


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