Skype in the Classroom

Lots of us have used Skype to keep in touch with far flung friends and relatives, but it has another really important and interesting function that we have just stumbled across. Skype in the Classroom is a free platform for educators to connect with each other, and to learners all over the world. Educators can meet new people, talk to experts, share ideas and create learning experiences with teachers from around the world.

How it works is by setting up a profile showing your interests and who you would like to connect to, you can communicate with other educators all over the world. You can search through a search engine to find other educators that are looking to collaborate on a particular lesson, project or subject.

Skype in the Classroom also has extensive resources made up of the best Skype lessons created through Skype member collaborations.

Alongside how teachers can collaborate with each other, it is also a great tool for students that allows connecting with other schools around the world. This video shows  Concord Road Elementary School preparing for their Skype call with their sister class in Hong Kong.


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