Learning and Education in the Networked Society [Report]

Ericsson recently produced an excellent documentary film on that posed many questions on the new skills and educational platforms are redefining our educational systems and institutions. In conjunction with this, they have released a report that describes some of the key changes and challenges associated with a new networked society and education.

“We are on the brink of a fundamental shift in society. As we journey towards the Networked Society we are unlocking the full potential of learning and education. Students and progressive teachers, empowered by technology, are turning established models on their heads while new skills and educational platforms are redefining our systems and institutions.”

This is a short and snappy report, with some nice graphics and statistics that is nice to have a quick read through. Some of the case studies are also interesting to follow up on, and use as examples of how countries around the globe are using technology for education e.g. T-Smart in South Korea.

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