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American Politics App: Everything you need to know

American Politics AppThe American presidential election will take place within the next few days. That is why Pythagora is launching American Politics App for iPhone to understand all the ins and outs of American Politics.

The American Politics app enables everyone to thoroughly understand each US political institution, the full reach of the President’s power, the electoral system and the key issues surrounding the current presidential election. American Politics has been developed using a scientific method based on cognitive sciences research. This state of the art method consists of watching a video everyday and doing repetition exercises.

The daily program takes only 5 minutes a day and allows the user to learn 200 key facts within a month through 20 thematic videos. These repetition exercises are effective because they are spread out over time : the first exercise is to be completed after 90 minutes; the next within 24 hours and the last one is completed 5 days after the first viewing.

One can choose to activate the daily program with alerts or learn at his or her own pace. To go on learning without an Internet connexion, videos can be stored in the phone’s memory. With American Politics, learning is fun ! It’s possible to follow your rehearsals’ progress as you collect badges each time you pass a level. You can also share your progression on Facebook.

Check it out on iTunes: US Politics

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