Westerville South Math Raps [Video]

Its not everyday that you find a set of videos that involve singing teachers and students having fun, but Westerville South High seemed to have cracked it. They have created a set of videos teaching math using popular rap songs. The result is a great catchy way of learning math concepts such as trigonometry and factorials using math raps. Students  interact to make these videos which is an excellent example of collaborative learning in the classroom.

All I do is Solve (All I do is Win – Dj Khalid)

Super Base (Super Base – Nicki Minaj)

Teach me How to Factor (Teach me How to Dougie)

Some of the youtube comments:

Why cant my school learn like this?! heyHEYheyallie 4 months ago 22 likes

Love this!!! It’s student/teacher relationships like this that help kids learn, help teachers connect with the students & make school a great learning experience!! I would’ve LOVED to have teachers like this! Lucyanne1377 3 days ago

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