Udemy: Course Creation Tool for Teachers

Udemy, a leading online learning marketplace has introduced its new course creation platform that guides any expert, no matter their online teaching experience, through the process of online course design, development, and delivery. Udemy instructors have already published over 4,500 courses spanning topics such as business, programming, entrepreneurship, photography, self-help, design, yoga, and more and the new platform will foster even more growth for Udemy’s online course catalog and community of experts.

In an effort to break down traditional barriers to learning and democratize education, Udemy’s new course creation platform gives instructors even more control and ownership of their content. With this goal in mind, Udemy designed the platform to help instructors with the core areas of online instruction by:

  • Helping instructors organize & structure their content through an intuitive curriculum editor.
  • Providing an array of best-practices and guidance on instructional design and how to successfully teach online.
  • Offering an expansive tool set for simplified course management and promotion.

“The world is filled with experts who have deep knowledge in a particular niche, but they have never had the tools to share that knowledge. Udemy’s new course creation platform allows these experts to transform this knowledge into a high-quality online course,” said Eren Bali, CEO and co-founder, Udemy. “We believe learning shouldn’t stop after your formal education; everyone needs to develop skills to stay ahead, but until now instructors and students haven’t had a way to engage with one another beyond traditional education. Our new platform makes this engagement even easier.”

A Focus on Organization and Course Structure

With hundreds of thousands of students taking courses on Udemy, the platform was able to identify one of the most critical components to successful learning in an online course – a well-structured curriculum.

To this end, Udemy rebuilt its curriculum editor, based on leading thinking from instructional design experts such as Dr. Audrey Heinesen, former New York Times Senior Manager of Education. The new course creation platform focuses instructors on building a robust curriculum outline as one of their first steps in the course creation process and prior to any course production or content creation. Leveraging the new curriculum editor, instructors can intuitively “drag and drop” lectures and sections to easily organize their content into a well-structured course.

Guidance for Teaching Online

With a focus on real world experts who are not classically trained in education, Udemy rebuilt its course creation platform to help experts imbue strong instructional design principles and teaching methods into each course.

Once an instructor has outlined their course, they are given step-by-step guidelines and best practices around planning, creating, publishing, and promoting their course. Using popular instructional design models, Udemy created these guidelines to map out online course design, development, and delivery, so any expert can come to Udemy and create a high-quality online course.

Expansive Yet Simplified Management and Promotional Tools

One of the most requested features amongst Udemy instructors was additional marketing and promotional support for instructors that want to earn an income from their courses.

Udemy’s marketplace gives instructors a built-in market for their courses; however the new platform also includes advanced functionality and guidance to help instructors effectively manage and promote their courses.

Instructors can create “coupon codes” to offer discounts to prospective students or offer their courses through Udemy’s affiliate program. Udemy has also significantly expanded it’s library of promotional resources and guidance for instructors and has recently built out new communities, including a highly-active Facebook group, “The Udemy Faculty Lounge”, to help instructors connect and share best-practices.

For more information, visit Udemy: www.udemy.com

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