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TJ & Pals: Learn as You Play Preschool Games

TJ & Pals is an interactive preschool website with a variety of fun apps for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. Designed by educational experts and preschool teachers, kids play engaging preschool games that are integrated with the US curriculum.

Specifically designed to meet the growing need for STEM education (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) in the United States, all the games and apps are developed following Federal guidelines in this area. For children ages 3-6 years, STEM means teaching critical thinking, logic and problem solving, and encouraging self-directed learning and exploration. These cognitive abilities enable children to develop inquiry skills such as asking questions, conducting informal experiments and drawing logical conclusions.

TJ & Pals is developed by UmaChaka Media, Inc, a company that strives to educate and empower children through fun and exciting learning games. ‘Learn as You Play’ is core to their educational philosophy as game based learning is a proven efficient educational tool. By learning through play with TJ & Pals, preschool children develop enhanced learning capabilities, which provides them with a solid foundation for learning in elementary school.

The TJ & Pals website is really great and is bursting with educational content that will keep kids happily engaged playing games, videos and activities. Have a look at their suite of educational apps all available in the iTunes Store.

iPad Apps: TJ’s Picture DictionaryTJ’s Art StudioTJ’s Seek & FindTJ’s Color InTJ’s Puzzle Fun HDTJ’s RememberTJ’s World

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